Helping Hands is a ministry to  people that need help with meals, child care, house work, and family emergencies (hospital, funeral, etc). The purpose of our Helping Hands Ministry is to assist the people of Calvary and our community by meeting their temporary needs to better connect them to God. Once signed up to help with this ministry, your name will be added to our list and you will be contacted when a need arises.


Providing a meal for someone who has had a baby, surgery, recently moved, etc. and delivering it to their home.


Watching children in the event of an emergency. Depending on the day or time, children could be watched at their house, volunteer’s house, or church nursery if available.


Driving people to an appointment, airport, etc. when they are unable to drive themselves.


Helping with general cleaning and laundry if someone is restricted due to surgery, injury, or age.


Allowing missionaries, visiting speakers, or Calvary family relatives to stay in your home during their visit. Guests would be welcomed into family activities and meals if needed.


Providing food for the fellowship time before or after funeral
OR helping the kitchen team set up, prepare food, and clean up
Contact the Church office at 715-832-6363 or email at